Tips To Buy Wholesale Versace Sunglasses

You can buy wholesale Versace sunglasses from your local fashion store also – these sunglasses are available almost everywhere. The popularity of these sunglasses is such that their steady sales are assured throughout the year – hence sellers are ready to stock a huge collection of wholesale Versace sunglasses. However, you should not believe whatever you see. Everything might not be as simple as it looks.

Today, there are many sellers who are selling fake sunglasses as designer sunglasses and cheating people. When you are selecting wholesale Versace sunglasses, you have to be very careful, so that you pick not only authentic Versace sunglasses but also pick up a piece of square sunglasses that accentuates your look and enhances your appearance. Here are some things which you need to check when you are buying wholesale Versace sunglasses.

Protection: This is the main purpose of buying sunglasses. When you are picking up wholesale Versace sunglasses, you should check out the type of protection that particular sunglass is offering you. You have to check factors like polarized lenses. Polarized lenses of sunglasses usually have vertically aligned filters which help to block any kind of horizontal polarized light. If you use non polarized sunglasses, they will reduce the amount of light which enters your eyes – due to which your vision will be reduced since your view shall be darkened.

You will also have to check out which type of protection the lens are providing – such as UVC protection, UVB protection or UVA protection. You have to choose those that offer 100% protection from the harmful radiations from the sun.

Lenses color: You have to choose the lenses which are of different colors. You can check buy wholesale Versace sunglasses which are of grey color and which help to reduce the light. You can also buy yellow colored lens which is excellent for low visibility when conditions are cloudy and dark. You can also purchases sunglasses which have clear lens but will still offer you protection from the UV rays of the sun. You can choose lens color as per you need and requirement. You will also have to make a selection of the material used in the lenses. You can choose plastic lens or bicarbonate lens whichever you feel comfortable.

Size: You have to select the size of your shades very carefully. If you visit any store, you will get to see sunglasses of many different sizes but all such sunglasses might not be good for your face structure. You have to choose a pair of sun glass which is designed to suit your face shape. You might have a round shape, oval shape or square shape you will have a pair of sun glass which shall suit your face shape. If you choose the wrong size of shades, it shall not be good for your face. Thus, you need to be sure that your size you select is perfect for your face shape. Shape of your sunglasses plays a major role in making you look smarter and trendier.

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