International Shipping Always Has Some Extra Costs Associated

International shipping always has some extra costs associated with it compared to just shipping domestically, and shipping to Canada is certainly no exception. Your Atlanta delivery service, if an international service, likely has established routes to Toronto, as it is the largest city in the country which is the largest trading partner of the United States. However, expect to have to pay more for shipping to Toronto based on the issue of getting your goods across that border, rather than based on the distance alone.

Whenever you ship something across a border, the first cost that you’re going to have to contend with is the sales tax which might apply to anything which comes into that country. In Canada, this is different depending on which province you are shipping to, but in Ontario, all goods which are being shipped into the province are now subject to the 5% GST, and many will also have to pay the 8% PST. This will change very soon however, and all goods will instead be subject to a combines 13% HST or harmonized sales tax.
Brokerage fees are also going to be charged to you on every shipment that you send. Many companies find ways to save parcel courier money by combining several smaller shipments into one larger one. Doing so can save you a great deal in brokerage fees. Many companies simply choose to have those shipments broken down by a courier company on the Canadian side of the border and sent to their respective destinations.

Your courier company themselves may have an extra fee which they charge any time they are shipping something internationally. The largest problem for a courier when it comes to crossing the border is the amount of time that they can spend stuck there. The inspection takes a great deal of time out of the driving, and the courier company has to make up for that lost time somehow, which they often do by simply assessing an extra fee to any international shipments.

There may be extra fees depending on the specifics of what you are shipping to Toronto. That is completely dependent on what it is you are shipping. This is something that you should discuss with your courier in detail before they ever pick up your shipment, in case you need to pay for an extra permit to move your types of goods. Shipping internationally can be costly, but expanding your client base to another country can make it worthwhile.

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