When picking the best sunglasses, knowing your face shape and using that knowledge will make you look your best. There are seven different types of face shapes: square, oval, oblong, round, diamond, heart, and triangle. Descriptions of each face shape will be provided below, but one of the best ways is to simply use lipstick or a marker to outline your face shape on the mirror. Then, pick which shape it most represents. Once you know your face shape, find it below and use the tips to pick a pair that will look good on you.

A person with a square face has angular features and a square jaw. The length and width of a square face is proportional. The best types of cool sunglasses for this face type are round or oval frames, or even butterfly shaped frames. The worst styles are square shaped frames, which make the face look more angular, and glasses that have color accents on the bottom of the frame, which draw more attention to the square chin.

Someone with an oval shaped face also has very proportional characteristics. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin. It also features higher cheekbones. People with oval faces are lucky, as most frame shapes look good on them. Geometric shaped frames add angles to an already soft face. The only thing people with oval faces should look out for are frames that are too big.

Oblong faces feature a tall forehead, long nose, and high cheekbones. The face is much longer than it is wide. The best frames are glasses that are decorative on the outside corners, which help the narrow face look wider, and tall frames, that help the face look shorter. The worst frames are those that are too short or small.

Round faces are characterized by fuller cheeks and rounded chins. This sort of a face can wear many different styles of frames. Rectangular styles will make the face look thinner, and geometric shapes will help provide angles. Those with round faces should not wear overly small or short frames.

A person with a diamond shaped face has dramatic cheekbones and a small forehead. Cat eye style sunglasses will make the cheekbones look even better. Oval sunglasses will help the face balance out. On the other hand, narrow frames should be avoided, as they draw attention to the narrowest part of the face.

A heart shaped face has a wide forehead and cheekbones along with a small chin. Frames that are narrow and round will help downplay a large forehead. Sunglasses with decorative sides and corners, however, will make the upper face look even wider.

Triangle faces have a narrow forehead, but wider cheeks and a wider chin. These faces look the best in top heavy styles, which help balance out the jaw. The worst frames are narrow ones, which throw off the proportions of the face.

By following these tips, your next trip to the mall or sunglass shop to buy sunglasses will be a fun and efficient excursion!

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