E-Cigarette Safety: Protecting Your Health While Vaping


The London School of Economics estimates that employing smokers causes an additional financial burden of £2.1 billion per annum to employers in UK. This is a huge,Smokers Are Burning Up £2.1 billion of Their Employer’s Funds Articles annual £3000 cost to the employer to employ a single smoker. An employee who is habituated to smoking tends to avail more days of sick leave which is related to the ill effects of smoking. Besides, they spend the equivalent of 100 working hours taking smoking breaks. There are many ways in which employing smokers is a financial drain on employers. As smoking is generally prohibited at the work place, smokers leave the workplace and move outdoors for several smoking breaks. The aggregate time spent on all the breaks taken together can be significant and during this time their productivity is zero. Electronic cigarettes resemble tobacco cigarettes and use the power from a battery to vapourise an e-liquid which contains nicotine. The vapour is inhaled by the user. E-cigarettes are available at 30% of the cost of tobacco cigarettes, they do not use tobacco and release a drastically lower amount of harmful chemicals. Since the few harmful chemicals released in the conversion of e-liquid to vapour (called vaping) are absorbed by the user, there is no risk from second hand smoke to bystanders. Intellicig is one of the main manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and is located at Manchester. The company also produces e-liquid in UK. Intellicig manufactures a variety of e-liquid products with the nicotine content also varying. Presently e-cigarettes can be legally used indoors only if their use is permitted by the building. Being battery operated, e-cigarettes do not pose any threat of fire and it is left to the discretion of the building or provider of office premises to decide whether or not to allow their use indoors. A recent study estimates that the average smoker spends an hour daily on his smoking breaks. Employers are legally restrained from permitting employees to smoke within the office or any other novo vape enclosed building. Smokers are compelled to leave their workplace and move outside, away from the office building into a designated smoking area. This is done to protect the other employees from the dangers of inhaling second hand smoke. An employee who takes just four, 15 minutes smoking breaks every day would be spending a year away from work over the length of his service. Permitting the use of electronic cigarettes in the office could be a possible solution to this problem. Using electronic cigarettes could do away with the need for frequent smoking breaks. The elimination of smoking breaks and the consequent savings in the time spent in this unproductive activity would result in immense benefits to the company. While the company would definitely derive financial benefits, it would also gain from increased productivity. Employee morale would be higher as non-smokers often resent the fact that smokers avail smoking breaks which they do not. In the UK, the concept of vaping is comparatively new but the trend is catching on with the number of users growing constantly. In spite of its increasing acceptance, the topic of electronic cigarettes and vaping still arouses a lot of debate. It remains to be seen if the lure of tremendous savings for businesses and a cheaper and healthier option will provide a boost to the popularity of electronic cigarettes.

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