Designing Success: Building Innovation Capabilities for Tomorrow


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conveys the idea that success is not merely achieved by chance but can be crafted, planned, and designed. It suggests that organizations can actively shape their path to success.

The phrase “Building Innovation Capabilities for Tomorrow” emphasizes the forward-looking nature of innovation. It acknowledges that innovation is not just about addressing current challenges but preparing for the one design labs future by developing the necessary capabilities.

Key components of this concept may include:

  1. Strategic Planning: Developing a well-thought-out strategy that aligns innovation efforts with the organization’s long-term goals and vision for success.
  2. Skill and Knowledge Development: Providing training and resources to develop innovation-related skills and knowledge among employees.
  3. Adaptability and Future-Readiness: Recognizing that innovation capabilities must be adaptable to evolving market conditions and emerging trends.
  4. Implementation and Execution: Transforming innovative ideas into practical actions and outcomes that contribute to the organization’s success.
  5. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Acknowledging that the innovation journey is ongoing, with opportunities for learning and refinement along the way.

“Designing Success” signifies a proactive approach to achieving organizational success. It underscores the role of strategic planning and innovation in shaping the future of organizations. “Building Innovation Capabilities for Tomorrow” reinforces the idea that innovation is not a one-time event but an ongoing effort to prepare organizations for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


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